About Us


Our company and our employees ' more than 25 years of experience in coastal and Port structures, knowledge, extensive and dynamic staff, following the latest technology and providing quality engineering services and providing it with the most economical solutions, has determined to fully meet the satisfaction of our employers as a basis of quality understanding.With a systematic work structure, it has accepted to realize the requirements of the Quality Management System standard and to continuously improve itself as a condition of success. As for the production of reliable, functional and economic projects, quality policy has determined to continue to be the right choice in the future as in the past.

  • Human Health
  • Environmental Pollution Prevention
  • Systematic Study Methods
  • High Technology
  • Ergonomic Conditions For Employees

Our company has established and will continue to implement the environmental and Occupational Health and safety management system by keeping its commitment to prevent human health and environmental pollution under control and with the ergonomic conditions and facilities it provides to its employees during its Studies, and to realize the improvement of the working conditions with a systematic working method. It is committed to ensure the safety and health of its employees during the period of business life and to ensure that the damages that may be caused to the environment due to its activities are fully met and to provide the necessary personal protective equipment to its employees, visitors, suppliers and subcontractors in all places in which its activities are carried out All of these stakeholders have determined to approach with the same sensitivity within the framework of the management system established as environment and Occupational Health and safety policy.